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What is it costing you to live with pain in your life?

Pain in your body can be stressful and debilitating because of the pain sapping your energy, joy and enthusiasm, you find yourself missing out on things and adjusting your lifestyle to suit your pain.

Long term pain in the body, years after the original cause is often caused by emotions at the time of the event.

I hear you, I understand your hesitation, I can hear you saying I don't know of any connection.

If you do not pay attention to your body's wants & needs, you may find your self paying with pain. Do you have pain in your life right now? Are you running away from it, believing that if you ignore it then it will go away..., because I'm am sorry to tell you, it will not, all you are doing is burying it deeper and developing strategies for dealing with it. Well why not find out what is causing it and the strategies for reducing or even removing it. Now that sounds a lot better doesn't it?

Is pain interfering with your life? Has it been persisting for months, years, even decades?

Changing habits, beliefs and behaviours can all assist in reducing the pain in your life right now. As I sit here writing this, I realise I am getting some discomfort and now I think about it, I have been sitting at my desk intently for a long time without moving, so I am now paying attention to my body and I am going to stop writing this now and move around, maybe take a short walk and will return to complete this later. Remember pay attention to you body or pay with pain...I know what my choice is. To be continued.....

...well I am back at my desk revitalised, re-energised and feeling great, it really does pay you to pay attention to your body, it really is looking after you when it tries to tell you things, these things really are for your own good. So heed its warnings and remember to thank it for looking after you so well.

Combating the negative thinking that often comes with persistent, continuous, long term pain is very important because negative thinking often gets you focussed on the pain which is what you do not want, it is much more beneficial to focus on what you do want "a fit, healthy body". Notice here I do not say "think of not being in pain" or "do not focus on the pain" and the reasons for this are two fold, firstly your unconscious does not recognise negatives so all it hears is "think of being in pain" and gives you more of that, and the second reason is because in order to not think about something you first have to think about it.

Try this if I say "don't think of a blue elephant", what's the first thing you think of? think of a blue elephant, perhaps followed by oh I must not think about a blue elephant, which, at best, is still a two step process. You have first had to focus on it, to tell yourself not to focus on it.

How Will You Benefit & What Will You Learn?

So be specific and positive in your thoughts, this will help you until you start learning about the emotional reasons for your pain and where you have not been paying attention to your bodies wants and needs and then how to deal with it.

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Health coaching is not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cure any disease or condition. It is not intended to substitute for the advice, treatment and or diagnosis of a doctor or other qualified medical practitioner. If you wish to try hypnotherapy, NLP and coaching for pain, please speak to your Doctor first and get his written permission & bring the letter with you to the first session.

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